Tuesday, September 24, 2013

green thumbs and dirty nails.

Spring has sprung so I thought it was probably succulent time! I eventually did make it out to pick up some succulents for my bell jar so I can turn it into a little mini terrarium of sorts.

I haven't ever grown succulents before so I wanted to read about how I could go about not killing them. I found a great tutorial on Ell & Ish  which was especially relevant because I was using a pot with no drainage holes. I wanted to make sure my little chunky leaved plants didn't rot their roots.

The succulents are a little cluster of three White Nun's which I picked up for $6 from Bunnings. The pot I found at my new favourite place, Salvos, for $4. Its ceramic and has little cacti around it which is a bit odd but somehow not the worst thing in the world.

Now when I look up from my laptop I see some happiness in the form of green fleshy leaves. 

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