Friday, November 15, 2013

infinity and beyond

I have recently acquired a new skill, crochet. After a bit of mucking about practicing the basic stitches I thought I would tackle an actual project. After a quick search I found this crochet pattern for an infinity scarf which said it was good for beginners. Perfect. And as a bonus I love scarves, especially ones of the infinity variety. I just used some wool I had lying around. It was actually an 8 ply acrylic wool. It used up probably about a ball and a half in total. The pattern calls for a 6.5mm (for all you American folk US K10.5) crochet hook but the biggest I had was 5mm so I just used that.

In total it took me about 4 nights to make, but it would probably take me less if I were to do it again as my crochet skills improved as I went. Now that I can claim crochet as a skill I have, I have gone a little crazy over on Pinterest looking at different crochet patterns. 

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